Magic Maze

Magic Maze

Magic Maze is a simple action game with many levels
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Magic Maze is a simple action game in which your quest is to explore a maze, shoot enemies and collect items. You control a cat, the main character, and your enemies are mostly represented by some evil rabbits.

To cut to the chase, the game hardly offers any distinctive aspect, not to mention any remarkable positive treat. The graphics are quite colorful, but far from looking polished or elegant. There’s no actual game story to captivate the users, but only a few story lines available in an entry of the start menu. The sounds are straight annoying. The only available options are controlling the volume of the sounds and background music, and toggling the full screen mode. There are no customizable keys or any other settings. Even controlling the character is pretty difficult, as the main actions (shooting, moving around) require all kinds of mouse clicks and movements.

There’s hardly anything remarkable about this game. Moreover, though it’s colorful and childish, it’s not even suitable for children because of all the shooting it involves. The only good thing about it is its complexity, as it includes many levels, enemy types, and character fighting skills. Anyway, that doesn’t necessarily means it won’t get boring or repetitive. To sum it all up, I’m quite disappointed by this game. My recommendation is that you should keep looking, as there are plenty of other action games out there, most of them are simply better, and many of them are also free.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Comes with plenty of levels
  • Allows toggling the full screen mode
  • Allows controlling the volume levels


  • Lackluster graphics
  • Annoying sounds
  • Superficial game story
  • Complicated controls
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